Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This is kind of embarrasing for Utah -help change it here.

ULTIMATUM - Dear Legislator, vote for Henry’s Bill, first time felony, or else

Posted in August 21st, 2007

I won’t dig deep into Mike Vick, because I try not to swear that much here. Really, I don’t. But, for my Utah readers I want to issue the following challenge demand.

Tomorrow, up on the hill, in the first special session of the 2007 Legislative Session, there’s going to be a dumbass attempt, by insane Republicans, to pass the Animal Torture Bill, but, not to make it a felony until the second conviction.

2752-vick.jpgI want you to consider:

1.) Michael Vick is a first time offender.

2.) I took animal husbandry in school, and, if you’re afraid of what this bill will do to you under the umbrella of “animal husbandry” then you’re doing it wrong and you need to go to jail.

Here’s the challenge demand:

If your legislator doesn’t vote to pass Henry’s Law (first time felony version) or if your legislator votes against Henry’s Law … I want you to file to run against them next year. If you can’t do that, I want you to give whatever you can, a donation, volunteer time, door-to-door work, whatever. to their opponent next year. At the very least, don’t vote for someone who thinks that animal torture is only worth a chuckle and a small fine.

I’m posting this at 7:00pm on Tuesday. CLICK HERE , ASAP, and visit the Utah Humane Society’s web page and send your legislator a quick, polite, email and let them know how you feel.