Saturday, April 26, 2008 open!

I can't believe the day has finally come! You can now get from SLC to Ogden sans car!
More for more info and maps click here

Friday, April 25, 2008

Running/workout Mix that works for me

My great friend Luann asked me the other day what I work out to.....I have spent some time on this issue(I MUST have good music that propels me forward or for cooling down really relaxes me)
Try it out on the new running path in Pioneer Park this summer!

So, without further workout play list....tell me what you think!

Still Waiting -Sum 41
I Always start my running out on this song(this gets me through the first .25-.5 on the right foot)


The Hell Song- Sum 41

American Idiot- Green Day

Hit Me UP- Gia Farrel

The Pretender- Foo Fighters

The take over, The breaks over-Fallout Boy

Fame:Infamy-Fallout Boy

This usually gets me through 3-4 miles at 6.2 on the treadmill

Then cool down(whatever I am in the mood for):

Switch-Will Smith

Stop This-Anneli Drecker

Turn Me On- Kevin Lyttle

Love Song- Sara Bareielles

Breath Me- Sia

Story on Fake Panhandlers......ruining it for the rest of us

Think Twice before handing out your parking meter money....instead give to the varied and effective charities around the city and state.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Star Sighting and Todays SLC Fashion

Who is the beautiful and talented woman that graciously agreed to be photographed with me?(yes I am shameless....and a groupie....I admit it....but I just can't help it-she is fabulous in so many ways)
None other than Terry Gross from NPR's Fresh Air

I went to listen to her presentation put on by our wonderful KUER(yes Doug Fabrisio was there....yes he looked...and sounded and I didn't get close enough but I am sure smelled amazing as always)

ANYWAY, moving back to Terry.....she took my breath away! She spoke of how she has deliberately and sometimes not so gracefully made her way through her career(once she finally "fell in love with everything about" public radio)
Her character, insight, patience and tenacity are so....well-empowering.

As it happens my father in law had a "backstage pass" to the event and gave the ticket to us.....When we got to meet and shake hands with Terry we both were nervous and a little star struck(yes it's public radio.....but going to these things is the equivalent of going to Sundance for other people to me)

I managed to squeek out what a huge fan I was Doug had the presence of mind to ask her who her choice was for the next president(she declined to answer-journalist/listener confidentiality) I'm pretty sure she thought I was nuts, but I proved it when I invited her to view this blog(which I am sure she will not....scratch that I am hoping that she won't) since I forgot momentarilly....I am not a writer and blogs....yea they are better when the person writing is actually somewhat talented in this area....not just rambling....................................................................................................
at any rate here we are--thanks KUER and Terry for a wonderful evening!

PS Terry Gross is today's SLC Fashion speciman....she looked absolutly fab in her silver and black was the perfect cut and an classic example of a sexy, classic yet professional way to dress!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Acme Burger

Can you imagine anything better than a hip and trendy place where you can order a drink, sit back and....have a burger?.... A gourmet burger? that isn't a bar? Well folks if this was your dream you got it!
Acme Burger is THE spot to have an amazing burger(in flavors as varied as ostrich, buffalo, Ahi, and of course down home cookin' beef(grass fed organic no less)) in a great atmosphere sans the grease and the sweaty, disgruntled drive up window person.

My personal favorite is the mini burger(just the right size to not have any guilt)
with their best ever margarita(just enough tequila to make you not realize you should feel a little guilt...for your diet of course)

Try it--tell me what you think(I'll be waiting for the thank you)!

Acme Burger
275 S 200 W

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chocolate Snobbery

In addition to being one of my favorite features about my neighborhood(not to mention a landmark)
Caputos Deli is a treasure in our great city and state alike.

Tonight I had the distinct opportunity of attending their introductory chocolate tasting class and it was magnafique!
My eyes(not to mention taste buds) were opened to a whole new world!

You too can have the experience of your life at one of their many classes(beware of becoming a snob....sign up at your own risk...but really who are you know you want to be cooler than all of the other snobs at the dinner party-let's be honest)

Matt Caputo(and his lovely assistant Yelina, also his wife) Do a wonderful job giving you just enough info to keep you wanting more(hmmm...they seem to have a talent for this in their restaurant as well ;) )

Tanner Park(and Offleash Area)

This little park is pretty shall I say well thought out?
We took little(ok pudgy) Cleo for the first time this week and were pleasantly suprised by a few things:
1: The dogs and owners both were well behaved(not always the case....i must admit Cleo sometimes is the worst one....sigh....)
2: The off leash area was really spacious...

I would recommend giving it a whirl this spring(Wait...Spring!....where are you....did you get lost in the BLIZZARD??!!)

Introducing the New SLC Style Section!!

Since I love to shop...and love to people watch....and love to photograph.....well this will be perfect!
Stay tuned reader(yes one: Hi Mom)

We'll see how this goes!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thoughts on Preventing Car Prowls by Steve White

This is from a community leader and neighbor....he has an interesting insight on how to keep your car safe.
Although I can't recommend that you actually leave your car unlocked(you might sue me) He does bring up some great thoughts!

Howdy, Neighbors. Steve White here. I am a Neighborhood Watch building captain here in downtown Salt Lake. We all know that Car Prowl activity is not going to slow down anytime soon. In that vein, I would like to offer some tips.
Many moons ago I knew a group of car prowlers. Sometimes there would be three of them in the group, sometimes five. But there were always the core members- the two of them that had day jobs installing car alarms.
Car alarms aren't going to stop them. The sad truth is that if someone wants into your car, they are getting into your car. The good news is that you can minimize or even eliminate the damage incurred. The question I would ask myself is this- Are my C.D.'s worth the Five Hundred Dollars it would take to replace my busted window?
Here's the tip of the day. Do not leave anything of value in your car and leave it unlocked.
Leave It Unlocked!?!?! You're CRAZY! You are thinking.
My car can get Stolen!
I don't want some strange person going through my things!
Hard Cheeze.
If someone wants to steal your car or go through it, they will.
A car burglar will break your window to get at the 75 cents in your ashtray.
Identity theft is another issue here. Do you have your Title in your car? Why? That belongs in your safe at home. You need your proof of insurance and registration. These go in your handbag, wallet, or briefcase. Your glove compartment should only contain an ice scraper.
Your trunk is no safer. Most cars nowadays have a trunk release inside the car, remember.

I'm pullin' for ya; We're all in this together.