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Us lately

Life has been a but hectic but i still wanted to share a few pics of our summer!  We are having such a fun time with our family of 4!  Having 2 under 2 is hectic but i love it!  People we meet in our travels often ask if they are twins, sometimes i joke that they might as well be, sometimes i just say yes (usually in the interest of time to avoid long explanation about the craziness of all of it).
In any case i am just happy to have people ask about my children at all.  I love meeting other parents, grandparents, soon to be parents ect.  There is such an understanding and usually, a mutual respect that is just heartwarming.  Maybe a little like when two solders(or former solders) meet.  We have all been through a battle (our thousands of mini battles).  The camaraderie, when it exists, is one of my favorite things about being a parent :)

Pushing his sister at the Gateway
Babies first bento box
First night out since Revi was born
Playdate at Citycreek
Revi's bonnet that she wears around town

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mama in the City

With the recent opening of City Creek Center just 3 blocks from our house, interest in downtown living is at an all time high here in Utah.  Our family has getting a lot of attention because we live here and also plan to raise our children here.  I am happy to be an ambassador for a lifestyle that I am absolutely in love with.

You can read our life, in Cathy Free's nutshell here 

 Also when the Downtown Alliance, whom I love everyone there and everything about what they do, asked me to participate in their My Own Downtown project I was happy to oblige.

Lastly, City Weekly edited my blog post down and it ran this week(I would like it to be noted that

I did not approve the title, which is a bit harsh imo) the rest they did a really great job with though.

Also: These

His bedroom windows are just his size!

Community Garden, so fun!

Reverie's Naming Ceremony

"Family jewels" jewelry and candlesticks from our wedding, from my grandmothers and mother,  blessing dress ect.

Me wearing 2 opal rings(my birthstone) with diamonds given to me by my grandma gallup and mom and dad, a scarf from Doug's mother and wedding ring.
Pretty girl wearing the locket G & G Bench gave her.

Same dress that I wore, Leslie wore and Elliotte wore for our own ceremonies

I read the ceremony aloud.  Doug read Grayson's

big brother

Reverie's diamond baby ring

Grandmas putting on shoes

All Dressed!

Dada and Grayson.  So handsome!

Naming Ceremony

July 6, 2013
at the Weber Home
where she was also born.

342 W 200 S #202
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

In attendance:
Daddy &  Mom
Grayson & Reverie
Grandma & Grandpa Weber
Grandma & Grandpa Bench
Max & Susan Reese
Tom, Leslie & Elliotte Reese
Melissa Weber
Michael & Sammi Bench
Jared, Brianne & Stella Johnson

Traditions that we started:  
Baby rings.  Both Reverie and Grayson were given rings that will be theirs and will be worn by their mother until that time.  Grayson's is from the late 1800's
Charming Victorian ruby and pearl gypsy-style set baby ring. Ring features two small cabochon rubies(Doug's birthstone) flanking a small pearl and intricate filigree heart designs along the shank.

This ring is an original Antique. This ring is a petite size 2. The setting is a classic "Tiffany" style mounting, and holds a sparkly little diamond.  

We also "dressed" baby Reverie.  Her Mom and Godmother(Leslie) dressed her in her gown and bonnet and her Grandmothers dressed her in her shoes.  

Reverie Lucille  Weber 


A state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream: "I slipped into reverie". A dreamy or musing state.

Reverie Lucille Weber
Welcome to the world little girl!  We are all so happy you are here, part of our family and a new chapter in our story..  You may just be the most talented and accommodating little girl ever.  Your entrance into the world could not have been better timed or more beautiful.  We have had such a fun few months cuddling with you, telling you how beautiful you are, and learning all about you! Your brother and Dad both love to hold you, however, it is already evident that you are Mama’s little girl and never let her far from your sight. Today we want to tell you about your name and promise you things as your parents, your family.  

Darling Girl,
The story of your name is simple.  You chose it.  Mommy wrote it down in one of her many, many lists of words, names, lyrics that she liked.  Somewhere in her travels she wrote it down in one of her many journals in one of a million moments of wonder.  It whispered from the pages and well, you wouldn’t let it go.
When we were naming Grayson your Daddy and I would tell everyone the options(there were 4, then 2)  and we didn’t name him until he was born.   We had to sit with it, see if it suited him and let it sink in. Being pregnant with Grayson was the most transformative and empowering experiences of my life. He is a magician, a healer and absolutely loves to laugh.  He was the first to make me a mother and is always showing me the way.  His playful leadership has changed my life. He is my heart. What a magnificent brother you have!
There are so many times before you were born that I dreamt of you.  I would always ask you what you wanted your name to be and there was only one answer.  Reverie.  More of a beautiful and lyrical word than a name it took some getting used to for everyone.  We, you and I, would just smile.  This was our secret,  our first creative revolt. You and I had conversations from the beginning.  Your opinion always apparent, you and I are alike that way.  You have instilled confidence in me and in our family that I never knew possible.  You confirm all of the things about me that I love(and don't have the courage to accept) You are a quiet and patient warrior and you, baby girl are my soul. My little Reverie.

As for your middle name.  This was the hard part!  We chose Lucille because we simply loved it but was not suitable for your first name.  Filled with class, elegance and humor Lucille is a name for the ages.
Alice, Heather, Leslie, Melissa, Samantha, Susan, Lynn, Donna, Coleen, Fern, Jeanne, Jen, Mickelle, Louise, Fern, Jeanne...the list goes on. of woman we wish for you to emulate.  You are surrounded by beautiful and amazing women.  Learn from them, and about them.  Take all of their names. Make their lives your study.  Because they all have lessons to teach and such rich stories to tell.  They have all made their way in this world as a woman and that is a feat indeed!  Make studying successful women (whatever success looks like to you) your lifelong pursuit.  There is no right way, but make sure you are vigilant lest you get lost in what others want you to be.

Weber.  Your father’s family name. You are so very lucky to be a Weber.  Rich in heritage but even more rich in character, compassion, intellect and penchant for loving life.  I took this name when we married.  My only hesitation being that I have a deep devotion to my own family: the Bench’s.  They are bold and honest.  Hard working and kind.  Your heritage is full of solid gold my lovely girl.  Embrace it, cherish it and embody it.  One more thing about the Webers.  Your Dad.  He is more than a magnificent father, neighbor and friend. He is your absolute model for a partner in life.  I have absolutely no hesitation telling you to find someone, if you are so lucky, just like him to spend your life with.  He is such a masterpiece of a person and someone who I stand in awe of every single day.  His kind heart and his ability to listen and not judge, be patient and ever hopeful are only a few of a million reasons I am so very lucky he has my well being both emotional and physical in his hands.

A word on religion and it is the very same advice we gave your brother: Both of our  families, since they immigrated to the United States,  have been practicing Mormons and many still are.  As you will learn, your Father and I have not chosen that path and would not choose it for you.  However, take any good you find from this heritage, internalize it and use it in your life as you would any tool. My advice to you is quite simply, trust in yourself and your own ability to make decisions and choose right from wrong. There are a lot of hard decisions in life and no one can make those decisions better than you. There is some comfort in feeling like you know all the answers, but there is more lasting freedom in choosing to always be questioning.   The world is full of adventures waiting to be had. Practice moderation in all things, treat others as you would choose to be treated, and be and let be.  There is truth, beauty and fulfillment to be found in all things and ways of thinking. Do not ever feel the need to limit yourself. Let these principles guide you and you will find any answer you are seeking and enjoy a full and well lived life indeed!  

There are so many many things I want to tell you about carrying the mantle of woman. From “It’s a Girl, little girl, teenage girl, Ms, college girl, fiance,  Mrs, Mom, Grandma.”  Weight and wisdom and freedom and history and beauty and soul abound.  It is exhilarating and heartbreaking and beautiful and gut wrenching and just everything this world is to be a woman.  

You are a woman!

It is not the same as being a boy, a guy, a man.  This doesn't mean that you should be treated less or differently or that you deserve less or more.  Every single person you encounter in your life is a human first.  But don’t, for one second, believe that your life would look the same if you were a man.  Our lives, as women, are many, your expectations high.
The demands on your time, attention and boundless gifts are endless.  You will be living multiple lifetimes in just one.  Your life as a girl, your life as a woman, your life as a Wife if  you so choose, a Mother and a grandmother.  These are all new lives.  You will never be the same again. The old forsaken for the new each time.  Celebrate these changes whether with great ceremony or by merely taking notice. You take on a new skin and new role, a new challenge and you will need to both be ready to say goodbye to the old form and step, with enthusiasm and wonder, into the new.  Please enjoy every last second of each so as to look back with fondness, never regret, always taking lessons from one on to the next, honored and lucky to be a woman.  It is the most complex and wondrous title to hold.  Woman.  Anyone who leads you to believe otherwise is either scared or still learning.  Please do not listen, Enjoy and celebrate your life as a woman.  It is wonderful indeed.

Finally Reverie there are a few things that we want to promise you as your parents.  They are the same promises we made to Grayson and we make them now to you. We cannot promise to be perfect in their execution but we will try.

1)  We will love you and support you no matter what happens in your life, or in ours.  It seems simple, and perhaps goes without saying, but we will.

2) We promise to work as a team and have the best marriage we can for you, and for us.  We love each other so much that we decided to have a you!  You are first and foremost an expression of our love for one another and our wish for it to never end. We choose each other every moment of every day.  And choose you always, thick or thin--you are our life’s work and joy.

3) We promise to laugh with you(and at times at you) cry with you, guide you, and listen to you.  We promise to try to know just what you need to hear when faced with life’s many challenges and to teach you to build a community to turn to when we do not.  If you were to look around this room we have tried to get you started, you can always turn to any one of these people for guidance:

Reverie we cannot believe that we could ever love anyone as much as we love you.  Never forget that you are worthy, but not entitled to all the good life has to offer. Work hard and it will find you. You are a gift to us and if you will allow us to be active spectators in your life we will count ourselves among the luckiest people alive.

This is your life and your name--we know you will use them wisely

Mama and Daddy and your big brother, Grayson.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Festivals and the babies

The Urban Arts Festival is just one of our stops this summer during the "festival season" downtown. This one is a favorite and is next door! The beauty of living downtown is that you can go first thing, hang out, peruse, stroll home for a nap, hydrate, and then head back out when the babies wake up. No crazy packing, no parking, no tantrums, DONE. You will see us, complete with double stroller and all at the Urban Arts Fest for sure! Join us! Get off traxx at either the Arena or the Planetarium stop. 2 kids per adult can ride free! Catch a write up in the trib for more info here