Friday, April 5, 2013

New Urbanite Has yet to make her arrival

Feeling lucky, enjoying our time together, snuggling, living outside as much as possible and just patiently awaiting our family to grow to include our little girl.  This is a magical and fleeting time, soon we will be 4 and not able to imagine anything else.  Until then 3 is very sweet indeed!
Us on our daily walks. 
Easter at G&G Bench's
Grayson has grown up with such a great community surrounding him!  Julie is his downtown Grandma and Mary(owner of Jade Market across the street)  is such a dear friend.
Easter Candy.
G and EE.  Grayson was not being so gracious in these pics, but it doesn't quite show(thankfully).  Such cuties!
"Tough Guy, with eggs."  He was mad that he had to stop eating candy to take a pic.
We are ready for you baby girl!  Leslie made dinner and we put this together as a family one night.  So grateful for my wonderful sister.  Don't know what I would do without her!(and thanks to her and Tom for the beautiful blanket!)
PJ's from G&G Weber.  He LOVES them(can you tell?)  Thanks Guys!
Because we are surrounded by such amazing people I am able to have a cup of tea, to myself, at the cafe around the corner once per week.  This has been my time to really sit and think about our new baby girl.  Every week I get the Rose Latte and PINK cookie :)  Thanks to all that make this possible--We love you!