Saturday, August 29, 2009

What we all have been missing

This weekend Doug and I went to the new exhibit at the
Salt Lake Art Center. I am always thrilled to go to
this somewhat under appreciated resource in our city--
I was blown away and very happy to see the exhibits and
MANY opportunites to take part in art activites--everything
from free kids programs to continuing education--check it out
at their website

20 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Phone: 801.328.4201

Admission is always FREE

Tuesday - Thursday & Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm
Friday: 11 am - 9 pm
Closed: Sunday, Monday & Holidays

Stephanie Wilde: Harmed
All American:
Defining Ourselves in a Time of Change
through October 31, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cameras purge and relocate crime

Deseret News editorial
Published: Sunday, Aug. 16, 2009 12:03 a.m. MDT

As with so much encouraging news these days, the success of the surveillance cameras at Pioneer Park comes with a caveat of concern.

To begin with, the cameras have done exactly what they were supposed to do. They have reduced crime. Calls to police about drug-related problems have been cut almost in half. And because the cameras at the corners of the park are so visible, only two dealers have braved them. Both were arrested.

All that is a plus.

The concern comes later — when dealers begin to disperse and do their business in surrounding neighborhoods instead of congregating at the park.

In short, criminals don't go away. They just go elsewhere.

So busting up the pushers in the park may well be like scattering a nest of spiders. One big problem can quickly turn into a hundred small ones. In fact, some citizens would prefer the desperate be allowed to stay at the park. That is where social service organizations can easily find them and supply needed medical, intervention and nutritional needs.

But a civil society must do what must be done. And winking at felonies in one part of town while cracking down on them in others is not a solution. It's a dodge.

Pioneer Park is a legacy park. In recent years, it may not have lived up to that legacy, but it is still the place where the Mormon pioneers spent their first night in the Salt Lake Valley. Down the decades it has been the site for many historical and cultural events. In the name of convenience alone, it cannot be allowed to remain a haven for anti-social behavior.

Where there's lawlessness, the law must move in.

And though dealers may have filtered out into other areas, Pioneer Park itself has a new look and feel. Merchants and visitors there remark on a friendlier tone.

As for those who wonder if police use of surveillance cameras may be a slippery slope toward trading freedoms for security, we feel that's over-thinking the issue.

The police saw a problem with felonies at the park. They found a way to correct that problem. And the city is better off for it.

We commend the Salt Lake City Police Department for a job well done.

Good find

When I see them, and I don't have a client that has need I post them here:
East Sandy, Approved Price, 5000 sf, 5 beds, 3 car garage
That's less than 100/sf people and in a great location(well depending on
your affinity for Sandy)
This is one of the better deals I have seen this year
Contact me if you want to take a look--it will not last long

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Local tidbits

-‘America’s Incredible Pizza Co.’, will be entering the market here in Utah…60,000 square feet including an 8,000 sq. ft pizza restaurant, 12 screen movie complex and go-carts at 12101 Outlet Dr. in Draper. Right by that new crazy water park out there! They are a 19-unit chain out of Missouri.

-The second phase of redevelopment of Valley Fair Mall has been announced for construction in 2010. Right now the first phase is adding outparcels (tenents in the parking lots) with Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, Smashburger, Wingers and Wells Fargo. The second phase will have 95,000 sq. feet in an outdoor ‘lifestyle’ type center (think outdoor and indoor mall combined).

-The Utah Jobless rate climbed to 6% in July. Last July (2008), the rate was 3.4%.

-Work has begun in Heber City for Valley Station, on 17 acres. The 200,000 ft. retail project will be at the northwest intersection Main Street and Highway 189, anchored by a 100,000 sq. ft Wallmart.

-EmbroiderMe (across from Nordstroms Rack) will be moving to 2511 So. State, doubling the size of the store.

-Stimulus monies are going to the creator of Thanksgiving Park offices in Lehi. A portion of property taxes is being deferred so those monies can be invested in Thanksgiving office park, a 38-acre development of five high rise office buildings.

-SLC’s Farmers Market has been named the 3rd best in the US of all Farmers Markets!

-Liberty Heights Fresh is doing a Paella Party at 8 PM Sept 11th for $10. Bring a bottle of wine to add to the sangria. 100% of the proceeds will go to Utahs Against Hunger.

-Salt Lake Brewing Co. (Squatters) celebrates 20 years in the biz this September. A new beer will be released call ‘Hop Rising’-a double India pale ale with…9% alcohol ! Beer prices Sept. 1-7 will be rolled back to $2.50 per pint and food will be at 1989 prices.

-All 18 Beans and Brews have teamed up with the Red Cross Phones 4 Charity program so become a drop off place for old phones that will be re-sold and recycled.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Wisdom in having a back up Lender in 2009

In all of my transactions this year there has been one HUGE
glaringly obvious similarity in any deal that has gone down
to the wire--LENDERS and most specifically Mortgage Brokers.

It has happened more than once that I am waiting the day before
closing on an approval---doesn't that seem wrong? My clients,
want to buy this house, have been told that it is going to be
possible,even to the point of passing their financing deadlines
and the day before closing, and we are still waiting on an approval
from the Broker. This is a bad, bad spot to be in so this is my
new advice in the 2009 lending/real estate world: ALWAYS have a
backup lender--
In a world where lenders are now facing daily changes in rules and
regulations it pays to have your eggs in more than one basket.

For example: One new rule is that once fees have been disclosed
to a borrower the file CANNOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES close
for 7 days--what does that mean for you as a buyer?

Well, say that Broker #1 strings you along until 3 days until
your settlement deadline and then stops returning your calls(
I have seen it happen, multiple times) you hold onto hope that
he or she has had a medical emergency and that they aren't just
screening your calls. But with some hesitation you start calling
some of the other Brokers that didn't make the cut originally or
desperately ask around for recommendations. You find another Broker
#@ that you think MIGHT get the job done this time and he says that he
can FOR SURE get it done for you, but your settlement deadline is
in 3 days---now it is extension time and this is a really bad spot
to be in--now your earnest money is in danger, your dream home hangs
in the balance and you will have MANY sleepless nights until the deal
is closed--AT LEAST 7 days later(realistically 2-3 weeks)

BUT if you have a backup lender waiting in the wings that you can call
on when anything feels fishy with Lender #1 you will be better for it.

NOW: Mortgage Brokers work on commission and will NOT like being the
backup broker, so depending on your situation, your relationship with
said Broker and how up front you feel like being I might just go through
the process with both brokers or just simply let them know that
they are, in fact, your backup--however you want to handle it--you will
do yourself a lot of good to have a B team waiting to rush in.

Now this usually isn't a problem with Banks--usually just Brokers that
offer really low rates--that has been the issue with many of my clients--
They are chasing those low rates and get a dishonest or under experienced
(or overconfident) broker. DO NOT be afraid to ask questions--even really
basic ones and make sure they give you a solid answer that you can understand.

If you start getting nervous do NOT hesitate to call your reserves, seek a
second opinion or to ask for an extension BEFORE your earnest money is
at stake--Bottom line: NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED in 2009's lending atmosphere
and DEALS DO FALL APART for highly qualified buyers that just picked the
wrong broker.