Thursday, July 18, 2013

Us lately

Life has been a but hectic but i still wanted to share a few pics of our summer!  We are having such a fun time with our family of 4!  Having 2 under 2 is hectic but i love it!  People we meet in our travels often ask if they are twins, sometimes i joke that they might as well be, sometimes i just say yes (usually in the interest of time to avoid long explanation about the craziness of all of it).
In any case i am just happy to have people ask about my children at all.  I love meeting other parents, grandparents, soon to be parents ect.  There is such an understanding and usually, a mutual respect that is just heartwarming.  Maybe a little like when two solders(or former solders) meet.  We have all been through a battle (our thousands of mini battles).  The camaraderie, when it exists, is one of my favorite things about being a parent :)

Pushing his sister at the Gateway
Babies first bento box
First night out since Revi was born
Playdate at Citycreek
Revi's bonnet that she wears around town