Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mama in the City

With the recent opening of City Creek Center just 3 blocks from our house, interest in downtown living is at an all time high here in Utah.  Our family has getting a lot of attention because we live here and also plan to raise our children here.  I am happy to be an ambassador for a lifestyle that I am absolutely in love with.

You can read our life, in Cathy Free's nutshell here 

 Also when the Downtown Alliance, whom I love everyone there and everything about what they do, asked me to participate in their My Own Downtown project I was happy to oblige.

Lastly, City Weekly edited my blog post down and it ran this week(I would like it to be noted that

I did not approve the title, which is a bit harsh imo) the rest they did a really great job with though.

Also: These

His bedroom windows are just his size!

Community Garden, so fun!