Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chocolate Snobbery

In addition to being one of my favorite features about my neighborhood(not to mention a landmark)
Caputos Deli is a treasure in our great city and state alike.

Tonight I had the distinct opportunity of attending their introductory chocolate tasting class and it was magnafique!
My eyes(not to mention taste buds) were opened to a whole new world!

You too can have the experience of your life at one of their many classes(beware of becoming a snob....sign up at your own risk...but really who are you kidding...you know you want to be cooler than all of the other snobs at the dinner party-let's be honest)

Matt Caputo(and his lovely assistant Yelina, also his wife) Do a wonderful job giving you just enough info to keep you wanting more(hmmm...they seem to have a talent for this in their restaurant as well ;) )