Saturday, April 19, 2008

Acme Burger

Can you imagine anything better than a hip and trendy place where you can order a drink, sit back and....have a burger?.... A gourmet burger? that isn't a bar? Well folks if this was your dream you got it!
Acme Burger is THE spot to have an amazing burger(in flavors as varied as ostrich, buffalo, Ahi, and of course down home cookin' beef(grass fed organic no less)) in a great atmosphere sans the grease and the sweaty, disgruntled drive up window person.

My personal favorite is the mini burger(just the right size to not have any guilt)
with their best ever margarita(just enough tequila to make you not realize you should feel a little guilt...for your diet of course)

Try it--tell me what you think(I'll be waiting for the thank you)!

Acme Burger
275 S 200 W