Thursday, August 9, 2007

So....who am I voting for?

I went to the forum last night hoping to know who I am planning to endorse for Salt Lake City Mayor. While I feel like I know who I do not want to be in, I am still torn between 2.5 candidates.

I spoke with Jenny Wilson, Keith Christensen, and Ralph Becker(my 2.5 choices)
The first question I asked is if they would be willing to sign my petition for the dog park in Pioneer Park. Keith Christensen and Ralph Becker signed right away and spoke to me candidly and knowledgeably about the park and our neighborhood. When I got to Jenny Wilson she refused to sign. She said that she had to do more research on the subject. I can understand her hesitation, however it shows that she is not current on this issue(even though a member of Parktivites had already spoken to her about our concerns a month or so ago) She also gave me the very distinct impression that she was not talking with me but spewing lines at me(she seemed tired in her defense) Both Keith and Ralph spoke with me at length about anything that I brought up and seemed excited to support our cause(the park and our neighborhood)

I am kind of sad, truthfully I went in really rooting for Jenny. (she still has hope, she is my .5 of the 2.5 choices)I have heard wonderful things about her, she seems really well educated, spoken and connected. She is also a fighter(I could tell from her stances in the city council) however when it came down to it I got the feeling that she would come into office without knowledge of our neighborhood, which is at a very pivotal point right now and the right leadership in the mayors office is key.

So now I need to decide between Ralph and Keith. For me, I feel that these two are focused on issues that are most important to me, they know me, my causes.

Especially on the issue of our beautiful park Keith Christensen fought long and hard to make the park a destination for the city by changing it to Pioneer square and surrounding it with restaurants and life. He put his reputation on the line and in the end didn't get his way, but I was inspired by his vision.

Ralph is a bit quieter but has the right ideas and background-he is also passionate about a long term vision of Salt Lake City.

So now it is up to them to convince me.

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