Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dog Park Update! (Our small triumph with the city council)

Last night was the city council meeting. About 10 of us attended to show our support and make statements to the city council about the dog park in Pioneer Park.
After about 5 comments the city council assured us that they HAD in fact supported and funded the dog park-they claimed that it was news to them that the dog park had been pulled. Now tonight we will have the chance to grill Dell Cook(Project manager for the project) at 6pm at the greek ortodox church community center(300 W about 250 s tonight! Also each of the candidates for the district 4 seat(our district) will be speaking and answering questions from US!

Please plan to attend if you live in the district and you have any interest in the park or having a say in the future of our neighborhood!

We will be walking over as a group tonight-meet at the uffens pig at 5:45.

Thanks to everyone that showed up last night! You guys rock-we most certainly made our voice heard and got the ball rolling in the right direction.