Monday, August 13, 2007

Exciting Tuesday at Pioneer Park!

Hey Everyone!
I have two reminders for Parktivites!

First, as many of you know our petitions for our DOG PARK(off leash dog area) have gone around to each of your buildings in preparation for the City Council meeting. If any of you are interested in actually attending the meeting it is open to the public and starts tomorrow at 7 pm
It is at the City County Building 451 S State Street Rm 315. If you would like to carpool we will be meeting at Uffens Market Place(336 W 300 S) at 6:30.
You can come and listen and show your support, or if you would like to really help you can read a statement(it can be provided by me or you are welcome to write your own) The requirements are that it be no longer than 1 minute 50 seconds long. This message must be positive, non threatening, and supportive of our cause.
I have several already written if you feel that you would like to contribute but do not have time to prepare a statement.

If you cannot attend tomorrow but you still want to show your support you can come to the actual meeting where they will vote at: Day Riverside Library 1525 W 1000 N August 21st starting at 3:00 pm We will be carpooling on this one as well. Meet at Uffens at 2:30.

Also if you haven't already if you would like to send an email to: this email just needs to contain the words "I would like to have an off leash dog area in Pioneer Park Now!"

We really want to slam dunk this issue so we can be sure we will have it by next year!


Tomorrow is the first Yoga with Dallas at 7 am in the park! Start your morning in the beautiful park! All levels are welcome! Even if you have never attempted Yoga before this is a great time to start! Remember every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 am Bring your own Mat(donations of $5 are appreciated).

Thanks for your support! If we don't care about the park who will?


"Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed citizens to change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead