Saturday, August 25, 2007

Brian Doughty-Stepping it up for our neighborhood

I have invited all of the elected and yet to be elected officials in Salt Lake City to our activities(namely Bocce and BBQ) and not one(with the exception of Gwen from the Mayors office-she is not elected, but we still appreciated seeing her)
However, one candidate took the chanllenge and in turn made me think very, very hard about voting for him: Brian Doughty
He played a mean game(and won) of Bocce, and brought his dog along as well.

Later that night(1 am) I received an email from Brian thanking me for a great time. Also, he included his research for the park. I must say I was very impressed with his attention to our neighborhood AND his willingness to listen to us and then do some leg work on his own.

I'll say it again: I'm impressed.