Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Politic 20 debate for SLC Mayor: questions and answers

I am the only candidate who:

Ralph Becker:
What do we want to accomplish as a city?
How do we get there?
Salt Lake city a great place to live and an all American city

JP Hughes:
Non Profit
wants to be involved, loves democracy, loves other candidates, new face

John Renteria:
address issues for minority

Keith Christensen:
strong civic background, doesn't make a living as a politician:desisions are based on public sector, strong experience managerial

Jenny Wilson:
changed a diaper today
passed nepotism laws
gay and lesbian support
limit campaign contributions
drug treatment more funding
48 million in open spaces

What would your experience outside of politics do to help you in your job as Mayor:

JP Hughes:
immunization records/funding
work together with people

John Renteria:
Non profit radio
migration workers program
small business owner(bar and grill)
franchise owner

Keith Christensen
farm boy
law school
real estate, water law
business 1)retail
real estate sector
donated time to public service

Jenny Wilson
Olympic games
property development at Sundance
Sundance catalog
environmental advocate
worked with Mit Romney SLOC

Ralph Becker
store clerk, janitor, law enforcement, environmental lawyer, teach part time at U of U

Since the LDS church is located in SLC, how would religious views affect u decision

John Renteria: none

Keith Chris: personal, it would not affect, no place in city hall for religious bias!

Jenny Wilson: LDS until young adult(brave to admit) none

Ralph Becker: provide for values: golden rule: separation of church and state very important

JP Hughes: Mormon big time big history buff, loves his religion but would not let it affect his policy

Do you support equal rights for gay and lesbian couples:

Keith Christensen: Yes, compared to civil rights movement

Jenny Wilson: Yes, initiated health care rights for same sex couples

Ralph Becker: Yes, Full equal rights for all. Likes Rocky's stand. Extend benefits, domestic partnerships, hate crime laws

JP Hughes: Yes, no excuse for treating anyone any differently.

John Reneria: Yes,

How do you feel about school vouchers:

Jenny Wilson: appose very strongly more money for public schools, smaller class sizes, educational advocate

Ralph Becker: Apposed, education advocate, will work to defeat

JP Hughes: Not sure: read Freakanomics, supports school vouchers because of autistic grandson

John Renteria: appose

Keith Christenson: wish it would go away, thinks it is a bad law,

Money and Politics:

Jenny Wilson: open, campaign contributions

Keith Christensen: open

Ralph Becker: open, honesty, gifts, junkets are revolting

Other Guy: running a shoestring budget, put your money where your mouth is

JP Hughes: limits and grants, put limits and give everyone the same amount, money limits the amount of trust in system

Second Amendment rights:

Jenny Wilson: supported preventing concealed weapons in public places, increase level of training for a permit, background permit

Keith Christensen: doesn't support concealing weapons, reasonable restraint-no churches, campuses, etc

John Renteria: not in public places

JP Hughes: supports concealed weapons, not in public places

Ralph Becker: thinks system for concealed weapons is ineffective-no public places
Should not be able to purchase a gun without a permit(which is the case right now)

Most innovative idea for transforming Salt Lake City:

Keith Christenson: ownership of citizens, manage the city's people well, the most livable city in America by: education, crime reduction, environment, public transit, reinvest money into city.

john: people to elect him....because he is a "minority" address politically disenfranchised(a true democrat) revitalize downtown, transform west side

JP Hughes: Put the homeless in homes

Ralph Becker: growing a great American city: engage the city, bolster public education, model green city, bike paths, neighborhoods as centers.

Jenny Wilson: creative industries, small companies, technology companies, dynamic night life.
inspired by Richard Florida, downtown rising

Individual Question: Jenny Wilson: Washington DC, and NY trip was paid for by campaign this a double standard?

Jenny Wilson: No....listed reasons how this was a legitimate campaign expense

Keith Christensen: campaign fund usage is personal, does not choose to use personal funds for any trips
Commented on how sad it is that our system of voting needs this much money

John: justified

JP Hughes: justified

Ralph Becker: justified, commented on campaign expense, that we need to change the rules so the campaign is not run by money

If built, should the sky bridge be a public space:

John Renteria: has a problem with city creek, but also feels that sky bridge needs to have access to main street. feels that the Church is the only one that will benefit

JP Hughes: of course, approves of sky bridge

Ralph Becker: does not support sky bridge, as a planner does not think they work, since it is going to happen, keep it public

Jenny Wilson: likes sky bridge idea since it is LEEDS certified

Keith Christensen: doesn't support since Rocky doesn't. It is not a no brainer, listen to both sides. Has studied bridges, thinks it would work.

How can we create a city where people can do most of the things they need to do without a car?

JP Hughes: thinks it would be hard however, thinks it is important through public transit and bikes

Ralph Becker: segregated bike ways, promote public transit, bolster bus system, bolster community centers(like 9th and 9th and 15th and 15th) makes it so people can walk everywhere. Neighborhood businesses

Jenny Wilson: public transport, helped it out. Has a goal in 10 years to be able to live without a car.

Keith Christensen: look long term, little and big things: free passes to public transit to high school students. East West transit .

John Renteria: doesn't think there is a problem except that people don't use the services that are already provided

What kinds of programs, if any, would you support the homeless:

Ralph Becker: thanks to those that go before. We need to provide shelter to those who need it. We save money if we help people.

Jenny Wilson: Housing first.

Keith Christensen: 10 year housing plan within 60 days of being in office

John: city in partnership with other programs, housing, jobs, health insurance, community centers, shelters, identify problems with each person,

JP Hughes: housing, free clinics, creativity, work together.

How would you improve downtown:

Jenny Wilson: creative, culture, expanding cultural experiences. Independant film center, creative industries, small business is key,

Ralph Becker: downtown should be 27/7 town, a gathering place. Bring creatives, green space, transportation

JP Hughes: a place of gathering for all, support downtown by mainstreet.

John: creative development, fill main street "what the hell is going on with main street?"
Liquor laws relaxed.

Keith Christensen: supports downtown rising


Ralph Becker:
head to website, has enough experience, model of a green city, built on historic neighborhoods.

JP Hughes:
experience, his gift to community is his experience.

encourage minorities to get involved in political issues.
focus on the west side

Keith Christensen:
long term business owner, Olympic trustee, lots of experience, make salt lake a safe and livable city

Jenny Wilson:
progressive credentials, go to website.