Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nancy Saxton,,,,,seems like more of the same

Don't get me wrong I think Nancy is well spoken, experienced and gets what she wants....however what she wants and what I want are very different. The biggest and best example of this is her view on how to deal with the "drug and illegal activity problem" in our neighborhood. She believes that we should leave it in one area(read:here in our front yard) and it will be easier to "manage" She believes that the drug problem is finite(and truly believe that it is, on the micro level infinite) My biggest question is: if it is easier to manage then why is it still here?
When I try to convince her otherwise she makes excuses, and I get the impression that she just doesn't want it in her neighborhood. I feel that she does not have the entire district's best interest at heart....we fall into 2nd place and while I wish it wasn't this way, I feel that we will have to fight her for any improvements in our neighborhood.
Also when asked to attend our activities or comment on the blog she responded that she has way too many emails to even consider blogging and that she would see about the activities(still waiting to see her and hear back from her in an email) so my question is: who's emails is she answering and which activities is she attending-not ours.

PS thanks to my dear friend who, through hours of debate and discussion(not all of which was voluntary) helped me to refine my opinions on each of the candidates