Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pipedreams and realities

So what do we love and hate about the plans? We discussed what we, as a neighborhood, liked and hate, what was useful and what was useless:

Here it is Phase by Phase:

Phase I:

We love....keep the same and don't forget the Dog Park!

Phase II: good stuff...keep it all

Phase III:

Make the heritage gardens instead community gardens(that can be rented and used by residents for veggies)These gardens would be named and dedicated to important historical figures and families to the park's historic legacy. This would replace any signage for historical purposes in phase III.

Add more tables for picnics

Make the grass area in the middle smaller(cut down less trees)

If we have to have a stage can we make it round instead? and can it be significantly smaller?(and have it double as a Bowary for large family events)

Add a water feature somewhere in the park(suggested location: dog park....feel free to comment on this as we did not come to a consensus at the meeting)

As in the earlier post we are unsure if Phase I is going to be funded. It will take some vigilance on the part of the community to hold our elected officals to their word of making some improvements to our park.