Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Did you know section: facts about your park

Did you know?

-There is free Wi-Fi Internet access in the park?

Starting July 13th every Friday during the summer there will be weekly concerts in the park?

That the farmers market at Pioneer Park has been going strong for 25 years?

The park is approx 10 acres of green space...right in the middle of the city!

The park was once proposed to be the baseball stadium that is now on 13th south?

We have a current interest from the Museum of Permanent Change to design a project using pioneer park as their inspiration? Check them out at

There are at least 3 new condo complexes SOLD OUT within a block of the park.

There is a monthly meeting about issues specific to our neighborhood(with city officials) the third wed of every month(at the Greek orthodox church on the corner of 300 S 300 W) at 6pm(hopefully changing to 7 pm)

There are bloggers talking about the park right now:

check them out at:

This one is specifically about our neighborhood

This one has many insightful news pertinent to our neighborhood, but is not exclusively about our neighborhood.

List of activities you can do in the park RIGHT NOW:

-walk your dog(“doggie”bags located at the NE corner)

-walk your neighbor's dog for them if you do not own a dog

-have a weekend picnic with friends

-play frisby, soccer, or bocce!

-have a BBQ

-play in the sprinklers