Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My letter to the SL Tribune

Dear Ms Winters,

I am writing to give you another side to the story on your article today about Pioneer Park's renovation from the resident's point of view.

I must say that your story came as a shock and a disappointment to me. After 8 months of being poo-pooed by each representative I have come in contact with(with the exception of the mayor's office) being told that there is nothing else I can do, the dog park is a sure thing, and not to worry about it, I am livid that this has come out in the paper. After there was such an outcry for this very much needed resource in our park. Our neighborhood has signed petitions, attended meetings, appealed to our representatives in any way we could and yet even after the area businesses, residents, Mayor and even the local media have drawn attention to our need for a dog park-we are yet again left wondering if it is actually our best interest that they have at heart.

We will keep fighting for what we see as not only a necessity in our neighborhood, but for the good of our dogs and our city.

Since you have taken an interest in this issue I would invite you to visit our blog on the park at www.slurbanite.blogspot.com

Thank You for your time,

Mickelle Weber
Salt Lake City Resident