Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ring Around The Rose(y) Another perfect Saturday in my neighborhood.

I have to say this program is a gem among gems in our city. Ring Around The Rose is low cost and very, very high return. Where else can you see professional dancers, up close and have it be, as they say, "wiggle friendly" at the same time? As big BIG fans of the arts I have to say I have been looking forward to taking Grayson all year. We made a morning of it. Doug was out of town so I invited my MOM and we took a stroll through the farmers market on our way over and took a quick stop to "ride the pigs" as is customary on our walks past Vivace.
As we walked in I couldn't get over how excited I was to be taking these little ones to the theatre! I know it seems a little....simple? But I really hope they get the same thrill I get from live performance art or at least gain an appreciation for it. Having these experiences so close at hand is one of the more amazing parts of living in Salt Lake City and I LOVE it!

We wandered in out of the rain with our stroller(we had the double since Grayson insisted he sit and it was raining out) The ushers kindly explained to me that strollers weren't allowed but I could check it no problem(HUGE PLUS for walking mamas! BIG bonus points!!) We were there early so we went and found our place and waited for the magic to begin!

 As we were being seated a very nice woman exclaimed gesturing to Grayson : "oooo is that a boy!?" "is he going to be a dancer? We need more boys in the arts!" to which I replied "we hope so!" kind of haphazardly because, to be honest, I haven't really thought about what I want Grayson to be when he grows up. That is for him to decide and well, the woman brought up a point I hadn't really noticed until then.

 He was the only boy at the performance.

 After a brief moment of panic I began to wonder why and if we were going to feel awkward? I saw lots of Dad's with their daughters(hopefully giving mommy a much needed morning off), and little girls with their Moms but Grayson remained the only boy present.

 So I watched him. Carefully and his behavior and how he was reacting to the (holy crap wonderful) performance. For this month( all are different BTW which is so fun!) they had crayons in front of them with a blank piece of paper running along the audience. Grayson knew just what to do with those tools and put them to use! He was the only one though.

 This made me wonder just what to do!? It seemed to me that I wanted my son to enjoy the experience, but also wanted him to be polite and follow the rules. No one seemed to mind too much and no one said not to color but it left me wondering: how do I guard his creativity and individuality without being impolite or imposing on others? Also: I felt HORRIBLY guilty for even thinking twice about him being the only boy at the performance.
 So I let him color and he watched the dancers(half of which were male much to my delight) and we had an amazing experience.

The woman sitting next to us seemed slightly annoyed at one point, her little girl was politely sitting still and coloring on command but I just let him go(of course within reason) but it seemed to me that if I can get my 2 year old little boy to sit still for almost an hour with crayons and watch the magic of dance that is a win. Also he got to be exposed to some pretty amazing dancing by both Female and Male dancers which I loved. I felt content with our policy on this one, but it made me wonder: why weren't more boys present? why, when the ENTIRE performance had a narrator talking about and encouraging creativity was everyone else encouraging their kids to sit still? And finally WHY did I care? We were following the rules and being respectful so why on earth was I letting what others might be thinking take away from the amazing day we were having?

 My kids are so young that I find myself trying to figure out "what our policy is" on a lot of things. That day I concluded that it is ok to be different and ok to color when there are crayons present and OK to be the only boy. We, as always, enjoyed a very full saturday in our downtown village. And we are beaming with pride that Ring Around The Rose is part of it. Go! You will not be disappointed.  Oh and if you have boys?  Bring them, they will love it!

See the full schedule here and if you see us there be sure to say Hello!  We LOVE meeting fellow parents and Urbanites!

 Ring around the Rose is giving away a family pass to one performance to one of our readers. I will select the winner at random from the comments :)