Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Perfect Rainy Day in SLC

Today was what I consider to be heaven.  Everyone woke up in an ok mood, we all got out the door by 9 and it was RAINING!  Rainy days are my absolute favorite.  There is something about carrying an umbrella and being packed in restaurants with strangers and the smell in the air.  It is just pure magic! 
So today we decided to spend the day at City Creek.  It started at Starbucks, then we shopped for a few hours, Revi slept in the sling, and Grayson just hung out.  We rode the train, watched the train from the skybridge, grabbed lunch, grabbed kids clothes, grabbed groceries and then headed home on the train for naps. 

All in all one of those days that makes me feel so lucky to live here and have two little amazing shopping buddies!