Thursday, September 5, 2013

Come one, come all!(and get around like a pro)+Greenbike Giveaway!!!

Well HELLO Utah!  Welcome to my neighborhood! Since record crowds are expected in this neck of the woods this weekend. I thought I would give you the insider's scoop on how to have a great time and not stress about getting here.
Bottom line:  crowds=fun as long as you know how to be smart and land in the right place at the right time.  Repeat after me: you can do this and you will ROCK it!  Our city is so very easy to get around!  Once you arrive, all of the events are less than a block from a Traxx stop and are all within the free fare zone.   So whether you arrive by car, bus or rail, once you are here, get ready for some fun!  This just might be the most packed weekend yet for our little city!

First off: Start with doing yourself a favor and downloading the Salt Lake City Mobile app.

Android here
and iTunes here

Not only will this app show you where available parking is, how much and how long you can park, it also finds all of the closest lots according to your location so you can move around with ease!

If you are driving and think you might want to utilize street parking(you must be feeling lucky) you will definitely find downloading the quickpay app  helpful for paying for parking from your phone. 

iTunes here
Android here

I would HIGHLY, highly recommend either taking transit into the city or planning to drive in and then ditch your car.  With Traxx and the free fare zone surrounding all of the events you will find that your car is more of a hindrance than anything.

 Mommy tip:  pack your stroller with everything you will need for the day including water, snacks, diapers and your wallet and sun hats if you plan to walk around a bit.  Ditching your car is really not all that hard(and is preferred) on weekends like this one in DSL.  You won't be sorry you did.
There are SO MANY options for eating on the go don't even bother packing a lunch if you aren't in the mood!

And NOW for the cheat sheet for free fare zone stops.  Choose your event and the list below will tell you where to get off.

Comic Con Exit Traxx(Blue or Green Line) at Temple Square and walk 1 block S to 100 S

Twilight Concert Exit Traxx(Blue or Green Line) at Planitarium and walk 1 block S to Pioneer Park

Greek Festival Exit Traxx(Blue or Green Line) at Planitarium and walk 1 block E along 200 S

James Taylor with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Exit Traxx (Blue or Green Line) at Temple Square

Disney Pirate and Princess adventure show Exit Traxx(Blue or Green Line) at Arena

Farmers Market Exit Traxx(Blue or Green Line) at Planitarium and walk 1 block S to Pioneer Park

Brazilian Festival Exit Traxx(Blue or Green Line) at Gallivan Plaza

NOT Free Fare Zone but just a few blocks from Downtown so I thought I would throw it in!
Utah State Fair Exit Traxx(Green Line) at Fairpark

Pro Tip:  Most of the Traxx trains are stroller roll on friendly, however some of the BLUE LINE trains require you to use the access ramp or fold your stroller.  Listen to the announcement just before the train arrives on the platform to see if you need to get on the access ramp. 

 Green Bike SLC is giving away 3- 7 day passes to three people who leave a comment guessing where the photo below was taken. Hint: It is downtown and has to do with trains! The first 3 to get it right win!  Thanks Greenbike!