Monday, September 21, 2009

YIPEE! Private Clubs out, Pierpont entertainment district IN!

I'm not sure if you can feel it but the winds of change in our fair city
are a flutter and it has a name: Pierpont Entertainment District.

Home to some of SLC hottest clubs(note not private clubs for members any longer!) E Pierpont Ave is poised to be THE place to be on the weekends if you want a great time, walk-ability and beautiful people.

E Pierpont Ave is hidden between 200 & 300 S and 100 & 200 W and is flanked by all of the best restaurants in the city. Included are the likes of Red Rock Brewery, The Metropolitan, Squatters, and last but not least Acme Burger. Additionally, on the opposite side and next door to one another are the Hotel and Elevate--to dance the night away. But Pierpont, oh little Pierpont is coming into it's own and is a happy addition to the weekend flurry of fun. With the legendary Lumpy's(has to be part of some kind of historic registry by now) and the recent addition of the Sandbar this quaint street is hoppin' and if you don't want to dance but you want more than dinner this is a great alternative for a great night out.

Bottom line: ditch your car, get glammed up, and hit the town-this is not to be missed!