Thursday, September 17, 2009

Try the Monki--a refreshing alternative to "don't touch the Monkey"

Those of you that know and love me(ok put up with me is more like it but I digress)

Those of you--you know who you are: well you know that I LOVE and embrace technology and allow it to run my life. This fetish and dare I say obsession is often fueled by
my tech geek superman husband who feeds it and fans the flame and sometimes roasts marshmallows and makes smores over it...again I digress....

What my internet bot filled life has been missing(and mourning) is a way to make a shopping list from a recipe and then save it--all online, all accessible from the mobile device of my liking(nope not going there--no religious wars on this blog--well, not today anyway)

I have been searching and searching, and begging SM to build, and searching, and obsessing and searching for the right tool(sans monthly subscription, downloadable version, ugly site--you see where this is going right?) I want my web 2.0, pretty, free, do everything I want, read my mind, blow my mind type of site that I am so accustom.

Today: I found it--or at least the Beta version of it--in Kitchen Monki

It is everything and more that I would want(it even links to facebook if you so desire) Try it--I will be for the next 5.2 minutes and believe me: if it fails the test you will hear that too--otherwise I will be happily integrating my somewhat meager recipe collection and making list after list--just for list sake--

Go ahead: pet the Monki-you know you wanna