Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Foster Art Program: I am in LOVE

When I was invited to join in on the first Foster Art Program I was at once salivating. The list of artists was even more intriguing, and once the first meeting came along I already had my list in my head.

We ended up fostering several artists:
The first, and the spotlight today is Thomas Aaron

We have known Tom for a few years as a friend and have always admired his work.
When we went to pick out our piece to foster we knew immedietly which one we wanted.
When we realized that it would not fit in the Fit(a first for us--sad day) Tom told us just to carry it home--I was incredibly doubtful(plus I was in heals) but without many other options we picked it up and started the 2 block journey home.

We hung it and now have been enjoying for about a week. This piece speaks to me on so many levels: it's design aesthetic, color, complexity and size all make for a perfect statement for what we have deemed to be our "feature wall"
Thanks Tom!