Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mr Coffee-Tall, Dark and Handsome

So far in my life I have managed to escape with a few, harmless, yet ferocious vices.
They are, in no particular order: ice cream, bad tv and craigslist.

I have managed to avoid the oh so common: "I must have a cup a day of coffee in order to feel normal" -thing- but yesterday, while in Smiths something happened that I can only describe as genetics combined with a great sale.

My family, who's only real common worship of an identifiable belief can be summed up in: boating, coffee and Budlight. Other than those things, we are one of the most diverse of any family I know--and I like it that way.

All of my childhood memories are tied to coffee, the smell in the morning at our house, the sound of any one of my uncles at Flaming Gorge noisily rummaging through camping gear to make a fresh pot to share, and even every Christmas morning bargaining with my parents to get out of bed in the wee hours by offering to make coffee if they would finally get up(usually at 3 or 4 am).

So it may be interesting to note that SM and I have so far resisted getting our very own coffee maker to make our home complete.
Long story short: I never felt the need to add yet another vice to my life and actually like to stop through the drive through at the local coffee shops for the occasional treat.

Yesterday though--yesterday when a very basic model was on sale for under 20 and some, coffee drinking, family tradition gene took over-- I caved.

So welcome to the family Mr Coffee! Here's to many good years and to low cal
options after the initial newness wears off when I start gaining "coffee weight"