Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eve Salt Lake City: Such a great change from First Night!

I don't know about anyone else but I was tired of the old and tired, family exclusive, dry(in all senses), and expensive First Night. I planned this year
to stay in, with friends and be bored. Then I heard about Eve: WOW what a change
this is going to bring to DSLC with it's amazing line up of events for ALL(young, old,
Republican, Democrat, saint and sinner alike!) Events are inside and out and there truly is something for everyone(including little Ms Cleo who may be attending the animal activities at the Gateway)
Check out the schedule and maps at their oh so glossy and easy to use website
From an art treasure hunt, to fireworks, to outdoor concerts to kids crafts all with free parking, dining discounts, and free transportation on the 31st this is the most bang for your $15 there is going to be on the big night and the 2 days before! I'll be there every day! I live in the middle of everything! All of the events are a short, free Trax ride away!