Thursday, March 19, 2009

the rates are falling! the rates are falling!

I want y'all to know that rates are
again below 5% on a 30yr fixed--
additionally I HAVE to make sure you
If you are a first time homebuyer
you will get 8,000 FREE from the
federal gov(talk to your lender)
NEVER has to be paid back--this is YOUR
bailout people!
now a state program for new construction
gives 6,000--hurry to get that one though
because there is a cap!

Time to buy or refinance!
Call me if you want to take
a peek at the market or if
you need to find a lender--
I know lots!

Rule of thumb for refinance:
If the rate is 1% or more lower
and if closing costs will pay off
with the difference in new mortgage
within the time you will live there--