Thursday, March 19, 2009

Me and My Groceries--all over town!

Yesterday was shopping day for me--why
Wed you ask? Well the biggest reason
is that it is SM's poker night with
the guys--other than that: I had time
to come up for air--OR DID I?

Yesterday was an open day with a busy
afternoon/night. Because of my WONDERFUL
neighborhood and neighbors I had my night
chuck full of events(who needs SM anyway--who?)

SO I went to Smiths, and then to Costco and headed
home only to discover that it was 6pm!! I was
supposed to be at the DCC meeting AT 6 and I still had
to drop off my car and groceries! SO instead of wasting
all that time on that I decided to drive over and let
the groceries wait in the car--an hour wouldn't hurt right?
It's not like I had icecream in my car and it was July.
So I went to the meeting and of course there were new
people to meet so I stayed for 1.5 hours, then, because
my sister lives in the hood now(which explains everything about
my apparent lack of posting the past few weeks)
so I stopped in to visit her for a sec(timer on groceries now at
2 hours) THEN i realized that I was supposed to be at the No Cookie
Left Behind Party at my neighbor's house at 7:30 SO--I packed all of
my groceries from my car, into the shopping cart that is provided by our
building and headed over to the party--with my groceries--
I planned, as always, to only stay for a few minutes(grocery timer
to be slightly over 2 hours, but if everything was still good it would
keep for another 20 minutes right--keep in mind that this type of
delusion fuels my life ;)) So I went, I partook and stayed for an hour--
grocery timer now at 3 hours--and all of my neighbors making fun of how
much food I actually buy for just the 2 of us--
The truth is--I have a feeling that this is one of the only neighborhoods
in Utah where something like this would happen--I am certainly not the
most busy person or the most social person in the state but I literally
know--outside of any church or work structure 20-30 people in my neighborhood--
WOW--love it!