Monday, January 12, 2009

I am out of breath because...

I am spreading the word
Westgate Phase II is dropping prices
just to sell one unit in the next few weeks
(there are 16
available still)
I just talked to the agent and she is willing to do one
for just over 200k(orig selling for 280k)for 726 sq feet!
These are geothermal heated and cooled(ie 30/month for
heating and cooling) and the HOA fees cover ALL other
utilities(at .20c/sq foot) including Wireless Internet and
Cable TV.
You get to pick your counters and cabinets still and
really have a great selection of units since the building
is empty!
The units all come with one covered parking spot as well.
Unit rents in the neighborhood for that amount of space is
so these units make GREAT investments as well!

They are offering financing too so don't be shy--they are also
paying all closing costs which is really nice!

If anyone you know wants to get into this neighborhood
this seems to be the time.
All of the new construction happening with the church and
other buildings that are taking reservations in the area
are selling at about 450-500/sq foot--the Westgate is selling at about 330
but because of the soft market they aren't moving!

SM and I are considering buying one just because
we love the neighborhood and seriously these are such
great prices!

Anyone that would like to see one or has questions
can call me and I will give them the grand tour
or just stop in and see the model which is
open T-F almost all day.

Since the market is so slow, if you can get a loan
this is a great time to get into property for great
prices! Sellers are really willing to work with buyers
and with Rates as low as they are there has never
been a better time to buy!

If you have questions call or write!