Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Who's afraid of Pioneer Park?

Really, I am so very sick of two things:

First and foremost
People(ie media, my extended family and public officials) referring to my park as an unsafe place to be. If these people would take the time to actually visit the park they would find that their perception is not reality. Yea there are drug deals, yea there are homeless people, but in all reality there are both of these things everywhere-GET OVER IT!!! If you don't want to be around drug dealers or those that use drugs you had better stay locked in your room....because they are everywhere(I'm talking to you Sandy and Riverton, Lehi and Provo).....not just in Pioneer park.

Lack of follow through......by just about everyone.....
c'mon if you want something you have to work for it. Do we really think that wonderful neighborhoods and parks just are built and then they are? Nope.....you have to work hard to make a house a home and a building a community....if we want a safer park the people who live near NEED TO WORK FOR IT! You wouldn't expect someone else to clean your house or mow your lawn....this is YOUR space-take some ownership.

Having said that: We need the support of both the Mayor's office and the City council to help in the effort. Talk needs to translate into action. NOW!!