Friday, May 23, 2008

The Bums and the drug dealers get it....

what is wrong with all of you hard working, roof over your head city dwellers?

I think the joke may be on those that stay away from the beautiful 10 acres of green open space that lies smack in the middle of our beautiful, charming and let's face it overpriced neighborhood citing that they would, in fact, use it if all those "other people" weren't there.

Let me tell you a secret:
"They" those other people of whom you so frequently name as the reason for your absenteeism from your own damn park-get it and you are missing out

(where else do we have to talk people into using a park....I mean c'mon guys!)

I go into the park everyday(no lie) and not once have I been:
approached for drugs
solicited for prostitution
found a needle
been kidnapped
threatened in any way....

so there you have it-joke is ON YOU!