Thursday, February 14, 2008

Picking up after the pooch.

While walking my dog on a day when the snow had all melted I noticed many, many shall we say specimens of downtown dog owner irresponsible activity.
Did you know that it is illegal to leave dog feces on state or city owned property(grass or any other surface) If a police officer were to catch you in the act of neglecting your doggie owner duties they can give you a ticket for up to $100!

Ticket aside often the few irresponsible dog owners often give us all a bad name. Just think of a non dog owner(or a dog owner who always picks up) who cannot enjoy their favorite park without watching where they step(and sit!) Public space is just that-don't ruin it for others!

So go out and buy a scooper or those handy little bags(sold at most grocery stores as well as Petco and Petsmart) and do your Dootie(haha)