Monday, August 26, 2013

Reverie 5 Months!

These quite literally took us all day to finish.  We started right after breakfast and worked straight through until 1AM last night.  We took breaks for naps and to eat.  Thanks to Doug for taming the chaos and understanding just how important it is to me to do these photos from time to time.  My cell phone acts as day to day documentation of our lives but you just cannot replace having formal pics.  At least I cannot.  I love how her attitude is beginning to show.  She has been such a go getter from the beginning and I cannot believe she is almost 5 months old! 

She is our loud little one.  She made more noise in her first week than
Grayson did in his first month!  She never really had a newborn cry and
as Doug always says: "she has a set of pipes!".  She loves to have talks
 and if I don't talk to her at least for a few minutes every day(one on
one. eye contact conversation)  she gets really upset.  I always just
sigh and hope that it always remains this way even though I know it will
 not.  We are just peeking our heads out of the newborn phase and
getting back to somewhat normal life and trying our best to get some
semblance of a routine in place although with a 2 year old that is
proving difficult.  They are both such happy and curious children and I
just cannot wait to see what they do next every day!