Friday, April 17, 2009

Tony's Localvore sure to be a hit!

From their website:
Miss the Farmers' Market? We do, too. That's why we started this mini farmer's market. It will be held every Saturday from 10:00am to 3:30pm.

We're hosting some of our food producing friends and showcasing some of the BEST food in the state. Best part -- they keep everything they make. We don't charge fees of any sort. So shop local!

* Clifford Family Farms (Fresh eggs, produce)
* Beehive Cheese Co.
* Larson's Piedmontese Beef
* Slide Ridge Honey (high-altitude artisan)
* Choffy (Coffee like bev from single origin cacao)
* Creminelli Fine Meats
* Cibo Mushrooms (fresh wild and farmed mushrooms)
* Crumb Bros. Bread

This local crazed Urbanite is so there(early though-before the masses)