Monday, February 9, 2009

captured just outside of walmart--

Taken from my car--I figured that the lower image quality
would be tolerated for the pure hilarity of the content.

I came home and immediately began banging my head against my
cinder block wall....the extremists! They are everywhere!

I turned to the Urban dictionary and found this(among many other
hilarious entries):


Zion is not a defined place - not a town, mountain, cave, lake or whatever it is a symbolical place that forms a strong spiritual bond with believers such as rastafari people. It can be any of those places its a matter of where YOU make it... it has to be a place where you find your inner peace and are calm and peaceful so you can achieve total happiness.

It made me feel better but I am left wondering if the owner of the vehicle really meant it that way, and if so, they must really LOVE commuting!