Wednesday, August 13, 2008

VANCOUVER! Where have you been all my life!

As many of you know(and others may have no clue) My husband(Superman-for obvious reasons SM for short) and I decided that life is too short to only see one part of the world so a few months back we decided to venture off for small stints to places we have never been but would like to visit. For our first experiment we kind of put our finger on the map and chose Vancouver.....little did we know that there would be so many things we would love about this place!
So far we have been here 3 days....since SM has to work during the week I have been on my own to explore the city and get ready for our first weekend(when SM takes a 3 day weekend to spend with me adventuring about)
So far I have walked, and walked and memorized my neighborhood.
Our building is at the corner of Richards and Robson

This Salt Lake Urbanite is salivating with all of the possibilities! So much to ingest, digest and experience, so little time!