Monday, July 28, 2008

Local and not so local providers that are travel friendly

As many of you already know I will be traveling for a few months.
On my big list of to dos I have a list of services that I wish to suspend and not cancel.
These three add up to about $480.00 of unused service that would go to waste while I am away.
They are:
Verizon Wireless
Planet Fitness Gym
Comcast Cable and Internet

Here is the review and what I am planning to do with each:

Verizon Wireless: I am surprised and delighted to announce that Verizon Wireless is mucho easy to suspend. They allow you to suspend your service for up to 90 days for vacation and then if you haven't turned your service back on they do it for you. This experience alone is making me think twice about ever switching to any other carrier

Planet Fitness 300 S Main in Downtown SLC: Let me start off by saying that this gym membership is the LEAST of my money. I have had SUCH a great experience with these guys in the past that I am sad to report that they are NOT AT ALL HELPFUL and actually ruined their rep with me over this one deal. I called, explained my situation to the receptionist: she was RUDE then I spoke with the manager who was also rude(did not listen, just kept repeating over and over : "we only suspend for military service or medical reasons") Keep in mind I would let them reactivate my account after 8 weeks without asking me(again I just didn;t want to pay for something that it would be impossible for me to use), and all because I didn't want to cancel my sadly I am canceling my membership and because I travel a lot and because frankly they were assholes I will not be renewing it....ever: bad service put a horrible taste in my mouth and treating your customers this way is def. poor service.

Comcast Cable: have to pay fees to connect and reconnect both times......but that is par for the soon as they are no longer the only provider in my area I will switch