Monday, June 23, 2008

You say you want the park to change.....

but do you really mean it? Can you feel the burning in your bosom, the motivation to go out of your way to help the cause, the overwhelming urge to fight for what you say you wish most for your neighborhood?

If you haven't visited the park in the past week, two weeks or month(farmer's market doesn't technically count) I don't believe you.

That's right! I am calling you out! Those of you who want the park to change, but instead of USING it and being part of the SOLUTION you instead find yourself sitting on your couch and watching endless tv, going to bed early and wishing, hoping and counting on someone else to change your neighborhood for you.

Let me give you a hint:
If you want something to change(and this goes for just about everything in life) wait for it.......bit life truth about to come your way: YOU HAVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING!!!

Sitting around, doing the same thing you have always done and waiting for a different result is going to get us nowhere with the park....well and that goes for just about anything else you want to change in or around your life.

Be Part of the Solution! If you use the park, really go for it-maybe come to one of the MANY and varied events there, take your dog for a walk, ride your bike, take a jog -our neighborhood will never be the same-we can't do it without you!