Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why Vote? Well this time every vote counts!

It is that time of year and as I am sure you are aware there is a mayoral race upon us. In some cases you may have felt in the past that your vote doesn't count or that you are in the minority so it wouldn't matter anyway. In this race(the primary) this couldn't be further from the truth! The city expects no more than 2000 people to vote in the primary! 2000! That means that every vote is worth 1/2000 of the vote! If you want your voice to be heard now is the time!
If you have a salt lake city address on your drivers license you are automatically registered to vote. To check your registration status, obtain a vote-by-mail ballot application or review your sample ballot, visit or call 468-3427
You can vote early at 2 different locations:
(make sure to bring a valid photo ID and 2 forms of forms that prove residency(like bills with your name and address on it)

Salt Lake City Govt. Center
2001 South State Street
South Building, Room S1100


Salt Lake City & County Building
451 South State Street Room 138
(ADA access on East side of building)

When: Weekdays between Aug 20-Sept 10
Hours: 8am-5pm

Otherwise you can vote on voting day
Mulit-Ethnic Senior Hi-Rise
120 S 200 W

Here are a few articles about the mayoral race as well as district 4 & 6 reps for city council(we are district 4)

Mayor Bunch Article

Nancy Saxton(district 4) here

District 6 here